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Jessica Liliana Rayon Soto (5255) 5342-9089
Indices Specialist
Pavel Esquivel Vazquez (5255) 5342-9083
Indices and Statistics Deputy Managing Director
Ruben Alfonso Perera Santos (5255) 5342-9050
Information Products, Indices and Statistics Director

    The Mexican Stock Exchange calculates and publishes indices under national and international trademark listings that contribute BMV to be a transparent market while facilitating comparison and investment.

    Investors, asset managers, suppliers of financial services and private investors use our indexes as benchmarks either for financial instruments operated or for the active management of funds.

    BMV indices are used as underlying for a large number of financial instruments around the world, mainly structured products, ETF’s, indexed products, notes linked to our indexes, OTC Warrants, Swaps and other referenced financial instruments. The ongoing growth of the market of structured products in particular has contributed to a widespread distribution and use of BMV indices.

    Companies that wish to issue a financial instrument based on the components of the indices or on the indices as underlying, must have a trademark usage licensing agreement signed by BMV. Under the license agreement, the BMV guarantees to the licensee the right to use, distribute, list, operate and promote specific financial instruments based on our indexes or their components, using the respective trademark.


    A custom index is a solution designed according to client’s requirements and necessities or investment strategies.

    BMV offers the option for defining, calculating and disseminating custom indexes.

    If you would like to know more about this subject, please contact indexes team.

  • Publications and Databases

    Additionally to the information that is available in the products related to data bases, we also have the data base sale service with specific information (closing prices, indexes, rights, traded volume, financial information, etc.) according to the user’s requirements and for which a fee is made depending on the requested information.

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