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Online Publications

Acquire any of our databases through our website.


Type of information: Historical and Closing Information.


Technology: Download Information from our website.

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Online Databases

Download immediately from our online store, our pre-created databases, access online publications and see our complete catalog.


Databases Description Market
Monthly Trades Accumulated Trades on a monthly basis Equities 
Monthly Closing Prices Closing prices accumulated on a monthly basis Equities 
Daily Trades Daily Capital Market Trades  Equities 
Stock Futures Stock Futures Listing Derivatives
Indices Futures Indices Futures Listing  Derivatives
Stock Options Stock Options Listing Derivatives
Annual Decreed Trades Annual Decreed Trades Additional information.
Daily Trades Trades decreed on a daily basis Additional information. 
Quarterly Financial Information Real-Time Financial Reports Additional information.
Equities Markets Securities Bulletin Daily Report with information on the Equities Market Additional information. 


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