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Jessica Liliana Rayon Soto (5255) 5342-9089
Indices Specialist
Pavel Esquivel Vazquez (5255) 5342-9083
Indices and Statistics Deputy Managing Director
Ruben Alfonso Perera Santos (5255) 5342-9050
Information Products, Indices and Statistics Director

The Industry Classification that the Mexican Stock Exchange will use to classify the companies listed in its registry was developed along with the Indices Technical Methodology Committee of the BMV, incorporating the opinion and recommendations of the Analysis Committee of the Asociación Mexicana de Intermediarios Bursátiles, A.C. (AMIB). This new structure considered international schemes that lead the way in this matter, and that are used by other Stock Exchanges around the world.

The structure makes it easier to compare companies with internationally used standards, so that it is possible to make a more precise comparison with other similar companies in other markets, at the time that more specialized groups and segments are established in order to facilitate studies and comparative analysis.

The structure considers four levels of classification, making a total of 10 sectors, 24 industry groups, 78 industries, and 192 sub-industries, the structure of the first of its levels is made as follows:

  • SECTOR I – Energy
  • SECTOR II – Materials
  • SECTOR III – Industrials
  • SECTOR IV – Consumer Discretionary & Services
  • SECTOR V – Consumer Staples
  • SECTOR VI – Health Care
  • SECTOR VII – Financial Services
  • SECTOR VIII – Information Technology
  • SECTOR IX – Telecommunication Services
  • SECTOR X – Utilities

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